How to prepare the ground before laying a lawn?

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How to prepare the ground before laying a lawn?

Laying a new lawn can be a very rewarding project for your garden. Once you have chosen the variety of grass, the correct preparation of the ground is essential to guarantee an optimal result.

Soil analysis

Before you start preparing the soil for a lawn, you need to know its characteristics and whether it needs improvement. A soil test provides information on physical, chemical and biological properties. You can get this analysis from a lab approved by your state.

Remove debris

Next, remove stones, debris and weeds that can affect lawn growth. Use a shovel to remove stones and debris, a hoe to remove weeds and weeds.

Soil aeration

Aeration is one of the most important factors to consider when preparing the ground for a lawn. It improves the structure of the soil by creating channels and air passages. This facilitates drainage and absorption of nutrients and liquids. There are two methods for aerating the soil: mechanical aeration and chemical aeration.

Soil amendment

Soil amendment is the process of adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil to give it the texture and nutrient qualities necessary for lawns. Soil amendments can include organic materials such as peat humus, flax meal, compost, manure and sand.

Ground leveling

Leveling the ground is necessary to ensure that the lawn is well established. You can do this using a grater and a spade. Use a rasp to remove bumps and dig holes, then use a spade to add or remove material to achieve an even surface level.

Sowing the seeds

Once the soil is prepared, the last step is to sow the lawn. Use a seeder to distribute the seeds evenly and a roller to flatten and pack them. When you’re done, water the soil thoroughly.


Laying a new lawn can be a very good investment for your garden. Soil preparation is an essential step to guarantee an optimal result. This includes soil testing, debris removal, aeration, soil amendment and leveling, and seed sowing. If you follow these steps, you will get a dense, green and healthy lawn.

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