How to use the advanced features of a thermostat (presence detection, weekly programming, etc.)?

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Using the Advanced Features of a Thermostat

You may not know that modern thermostats are equipped with many innovative advanced features. The purpose of these features is to improve usability and provide more convenience and comfort to its users. Advanced features are broken down into several categories, including occupancy sensing features, weekly scheduling features, custom scheduling modes, notifications, and remote controls. In this article, we’ll show you how to use these advanced features to get the most out of your thermostat.

Presence detection functions

Presence detection functions are very useful for automatically regulating the temperature of your home. When presence detection is activated, the thermostat automatically adjusts the room temperature according to the number of people present. You can configure sensor sensitivity for more accurate detection, and even set a target temperature for different rooms or one room. In addition, some thermostats allow you to adjust the level of comfort for each room, depending on your needs.

Weekly scheduling features

Weekly scheduling features allow you to set the temperature for specific days and specific times. Users can thus program several heating and cooling sequences for the days and times that correspond to them. Smart thermostats even support scheduling schedules for different users and automatically manage thermostat operation according to individual requirements. Additionally, smart thermostats allow you to adjust the room temperature based on the amount of energy needed at the moment.

Custom Programming Modes

Custom programming modes are another advanced feature offered by some thermostats. It allows users to adjust the room temperature according to their personal preferences. Custom programming modes have a number of parameters, such as heating type, room type, and mode type. Users can also change the temperature of a room based on location and ambient light intensity. Some thermostats also offer smart features, such as presence detection, to make settings more precise.

Notifications and remote commands

Notifications and remote controls are another advanced feature of modern thermostats.

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