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How to lay parquet: the steps to follow

With a little time and patience, laying hardwood floors is an achievable task for most DIYers. Whether it’s wood or laminate flooring, the same procedure applies and your floor will be ready for years and years of service.


Before you start, make sure the floor is clean, dry and flat. An uneven surface may cause difficulties during installation. Use a ruler to check if the floor is level and mark the higher sides with a pencil. If necessary, adjust the higher sides using a heel blender.

Calculations and measurements

In order to ensure a perfect fit, you need to get accurate measurements. Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark the center of the room and draw a straight line from that point. After that, measure and draw lines at each wall.

Installing the blades

You are now ready to start installing the blades. Start at the furthest wall and work your way to the door, using the center line to guide you. The blades fit on top of each other, using a v-joint or a tongue-and-groove joint. Use a hammer and a mat to knock the blades into place.

Blade adjustment

Once the blades are in place, it’s time to adjust the blades. You can adjust it on the sides using a hammer and chisel. You can also adjust the blades in the corners with a screwdriver.

Cutting the blades

You may need to cut some boards to fit the contours of the walls. Use a hacksaw to cut the blades and a hammer to adjust them.

Installation of baseboards

Now that the floor is ready, it’s time to install the baseboards. Use wooden or metal baseboards to cover the area between the wall and the parquet. Use screws and dowels to attach the baseboards to the wall and to the underlayment.


By following these simple steps, you will be able to install hardwood floors in no time. Once you’re done, your room will look great and your flooring will be ready to be enjoyed for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Put your tools and your imagination to work to give your room a new look!

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