How do I maintain my garden in winter?

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Maintaining your garden in winter

In winter, we often think that the garden requires little maintenance. However, this is far from the case! Maintaining your exteriors in winter is not that difficult and it contributes to the health of your garden and its inhabitants. Here are some tips to help you keep your outdoor space as happy as possible, even in cold, dark weather!

Clean the garden

Before you start tending your garden for the winter, you need to clean it out of the weeds and debris in it. If you have plants that have recently been repotted, check that the pots are in place. Weeds must be pulled out at the root so that they do not grow back in the spring. Don’t forget to pick up all the debris that is in the garden. This will help keep your garden clean and in good condition.

Mulch your garden

After cleaning up the garden and putting pots and plants back in place, take some time to mulch the soil. Use compost or organic potting soil to cover the soil and provide protection from frost and excess moisture. Additionally, the mulch layers will act as a weed barrier. Finally, the mulch will also help keep the soil moist and soft throughout the winter.

Protect the plants

Make sure the plants are well protected before the onset of winter. Mulch thickly around trees and shrubs. Also use tarps to protect more sensitive plants, such as roses, from heavy snowfalls and severe frosts. Also remember to protect climbing plants, such as climbing roses, as they can be damaged by cold, wind or snow.

Prune and fertilize shrubs

Trimming shrubs and hedges before the onset of winter is an essential step in maintaining your garden during the cold months. This keeps them in good shape and protects them from harsh winter conditions. Once pruning is complete, be sure to fertilize the shrubs well with a nitrogen-based fertilizer to provide them with the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Maintenance of flowerbeds and borders

Take care of flowerbeds and borders in winter. Make sure the soil is well turned to avoid stagnation of water and alteration of the soil structure. If necessary, add new compost and mulch to keep the plants healthy. Don’t forget to plant winter vegetables for your garden, such as cabbages, turnips or carrots that bloom even during the long winter months!.

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