How to lay an exterior staircase?

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How to lay an exterior staircase?

The installation of an exterior staircase or a garden staircase is a complex task, but of great necessity to raise your level of security and aesthetics outside your home. Fortunately, setting up an outdoor staircase is possible even for novice DIYers if you follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start working on your exterior staircase, you must first make sure your project is on the right side of the law. Consult local zoning codes and city planning guides to ensure your project is permitted and meets applicable standards. Also, make sure your plans are approved by your county or municipality before you start digging.

Step 2: The layout

Once you have verified that your project is approved and authorized, you can start plotting. Use a tape measure and stakes to trace the path of your staircase. Determine the number of steps, the height of each step, and the number of ramps you will need. Use these measurements to lay out the stairs with absolute precision. Once you’ve laid out the path, mark it with stakes and measure it several times to make sure it’s within the expected limits.

Step 3: Preparing the land

Once you’ve laid out the path for the stairs, it’s time to prepare the ground. Use a shovel, rake and wheelbarrows to clear the ground, removing stones and unwanted plants. You should also dig along the path to make sure the ground is deep enough to accommodate the steps and ramps. Once you have dug the ground, you can add gravels, stones and blocks to stabilize and level it. Once the site preparation is complete, you are ready to install the steps and ramps.

Step 4: Install the steps and ramps

The time has come to install the steps and ramps. Use a level to make sure the steps and railings are perfectly aligned. Also, make sure each step is properly anchored and stable before moving on to the next. Once all the steps and ramps are installed, you can add water and sand to seal all the pieces together and provide stability. You can also add additional blocks if you wish.

Step 5: Finishing and maintenance

Once all the pieces are in place, you can add finishes to enhance the aesthetics of your staircase.

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