How to create a garden on a balcony or terrace?

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Create a garden on a balcony or terrace

Do you dream of creating a garden on your balcony or terrace? You are right ! Whether it’s for the pleasure of the eyes, to add a personal touch to your outdoor space or to offer you a little corner of nature, a garden on your balcony or terrace can be very beneficial. Here are some tips to help you create the garden of your dreams.

Choose the right place

The first step to creating your garden is finding the right location. You need to choose a location that gets enough light for your plants to grow. Also make sure that your balcony or terrace is well ventilated and does not accumulate too much humidity. If you have plants that require a lot of shade, you may want to plant them in a more shady location.

Choose the right containers

Once you’ve found the right spot, it’s time to choose the containers for your plants. Containers should be large enough to accommodate the plant and deep enough for the roots to spread out. You can choose from a variety of containers, from metal or plastic planters to clay or wooden tubs. Make sure the containers are sturdy enough to withstand the weather.

Choose the right plants

Once you’ve decided on the location and the containers, it’s time to choose the plants. You must choose plants that adapt to your climate and the amount of sunshine on your balcony or terrace. Flowering plants are a popular option, but you can also choose edible plants, vines, decorative foliage plants, aromatic herbs or succulents. You can even choose plants that attract bees and butterflies!

Prepare the ground

Once you’ve chosen the plants, it’s time to prepare the soil. Use a mixture of potting soil and compost to enrich the soil. You can also add fertilizer to help the plants grow. Make sure the soil is well-drained and the plant roots can spread and grow.

Watering and maintaining

Once you have planted your plants, you need to water them regularly. Use a watering can or automatic sprinkler to water your plants. It is important to water the plants regularly to keep them healthy. You will also need to prune and fertilize your plants regularly to help them grow.

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