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Choosing a boiler: What to consider?

When choosing a boiler, there are several factors to consider to meet the specific needs of each home. Making the right choice is important because a boiler is a long-term investment. If you take the time to think about what you want from your new boiler, then you will be better prepared for the purchase.

1. Boiler type and size

Your choice will depend on your heating needs and the space you have available in your home. Gas, pellet or electric boilers can be installed indoors or outdoors. Most gas and electric water heaters are installed indoors, but pellet and wood-fired water heaters can be installed outdoors.

Each type of boiler has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a pellet boiler may offer more efficiency and a renewable source of energy, but it may require more frequent maintenance. An electric boiler may work reliably and may be easier to maintain, but it is not as efficient.

Once you have determined the type of boiler you need, you will next need to consider its size. If you choose a boiler that is too small, it will be inefficient and cost you more to run. If it’s too big, you’ll pay more for the installation and risk overheating your home. Check with a knowledgeable heating professional to make sure you are choosing the right size boiler.

2. Energy saving and efficiency

Your boiler must be efficient to be profitable in use. Look for boilers that have an energy efficiency class of A or better and are approved by the Systems Standards Organization (ONS).

Natural gas or oil boilers are subject to additional regulations for models produced after 2008. These are approved according to the ErP law, which is a European standard that tests their efficiency. Boilers that meet these standards are more efficient and use less energy to produce the same heat.

3. Additional Features and Functionality

The type of additional features and functionality your boiler will need will depend on your home and your individual needs. New boilers are designed with additional built-in features including:

  • WiFi control systems for remote settings
  • Temperature sensors to monitor the conditions of your home

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