How do I maintain my new windows?

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Effectively maintain your new windows

Having new windows is one thing, taking care of them and enjoying them for a long time is another. The tips in this article will help you maintain and keep your windows in good condition for a long time. Learn how to take charge of your visual space and more.

Basic principles

Maintenance of new windows is critical to their longevity and overall performance. Here are some of the most important things to know:

  • Protection against moisture is extremely important as it can cause premature aging and cracking.
  • The use of specialized cleaning products is recommended for optimum maintenance of the windows.
  • The use of a UV resistant protective product is recommended to improve the resistance and longevity of the windows.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products used for new windows should be specialized. Check the label to make sure it contains ammonia-free, solvent-free, and wax-free cleaning agents. Also, take care not to apply too much cleaner, as this can also damage the finish on the windows. Use a small amount of product, gently scrape the surface and dry with water or a soft cloth. Remember to remove all product, as it can cause dirt and moisture buildup.

Protective products

Protective products can help protect your window from the weather, UV rays, and dirt and moisture. They are easy to apply and maintain, and can help extend the life of your windows. Applicable to aluminum, steel and wood frames, you can find different protective products at local DIY store. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully before applying the product.

Regular maintenance

Even if you take steps to protect your window, regular maintenance is essential. This involves monthly cleaning and a visual check of the condition of the window. Inspect the latch and lock to make sure they still work properly. Also check if the seals are in good condition and if there are any cracks or dents. If you notice any faults, have them repaired by a specialist. Also, make sure the window latch is in good condition and working properly.


Properly maintaining your new windows is not difficult. The basics discussed in this article can help you maintain them and keep them in good condition. Don’t forget to regularly clean the windows and check their condition to make sure they are still in good condition.

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